Customer Consent

1. Introduction

This consent form confirms AN-Y1’s right to collect data related to the exclusive pre-order collection 2 styles from our customers (“you”) for commercial purposes.

2. Data Collection Consent

I, hereby grant consent to AN-Y1 to collect, process, and store my personal information for the purposes outlined below.

3. Purpose of Use

The provided data will solely be used for commercial purposes pertaining to AN-Y1’s exclusive pre-order collection 2 styles. I acknowledge my right to request access to and correction of my personal information as contained in the data collection form.

4. Types of Information Collected

a) Customer’s name

b) Customer’s address

c) Customer’s contact numbers

d) Customer reference numbers

5. Data Storage Duration

The data will not be stored for longer than necessary. We endeavour to delete the data as soon as our commercial purposes are fulfilled, as listed in Clause 1

6. Rights of the Data Subject

I understand and acknowledge my rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to request access, rectification, erasure, or restriction of my personal data.

7. Release

I release AN-Y1, its contractors, employees, and third parties acting under AN-Y1’s authority from any claims, demands, and liabilities, known or unknown, associated with my participation.

8. Withdrawal of Consent

I have the right to withdraw my consent for the processing of my personal information at any time, without affecting prior lawful processing based on consent. To withdraw consent, I must contact AN-Y1 in writing.

For queries regarding personal data, please contact